Breeding For Excellence

Working Line German Shepherds Imported From the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

 Located Southeast of Dallas Texas. I breed on a small scale to secure the best quality. All our puppies are; Black and Black Sable  The dogs have working ability, strong drive, focus, balance, & very strong nose. These pups have gone on to serve in Police Departments, Military, Therapy Dogs, Search & Rescue, SCHH Sports, Personal Protection, Wounded game tracking

Our Philosophy

We are a small breeder dedicated to producing quality, hard working AKC Working Line German Shepherds. We know all of our dogs and puppies and we dedicate ourselves to the dog for the life of the dog. When you get one of our dogs, we give you support for the life of the dog. We spend hours with each dog and owner to ensure each understands the other. All dogs are health screened and temperament tested. 

We have Working Line German Shepherd puppies available at various time through out the year. Click to see what we have available now. 

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Our female Working Line German Shepherds are the key to producing excellent dogs.

We are already planning litters from our World Class breeding Males and Females. Click to see the breeding pairs and litter dates.

Working Line German Shepherds

We breed and raise East German/Czech Working Line German Shepherds.

These German Shepherds have an extremely high drive and working ability. They are intense and and thrive on Mental and Physical stimulation. As experienced handlers, we train these dogs to be the best they can be. If you think Working Line German Shepherds are for you, click the link below to contact us.